Icelandic horse; X-T1 by jack graham
Icelandic horse; X-T1 15-140

Looks like something big is coming this week…( read THIS)…at least says Scott Kelby.  Looks like Lightroom 6 will be released … With all the Fuji camera raw adjustments made!!!!!—Stay tuned.–JG


  1. Actually, the Fuji X platform high end models all do the lens corrections in camera before the file is saved (yes, even raw). Lightroom 6 is out with no new Fuji lens profiles. They simply are not needed if you turn on lens correction (modulation?) in the camera. But, Fuji cameras only know the correction profiles for Fuji cameras. Meanwhile, Lightroom and PS Camera Raw have been upgraded with improved algorithms for decoding the unusual color matrix used for these 16mb sensors. Result, slightly better translation than Lightroom 5. The more complex color matrix used with the Fuji X systems not only yields more accurate recordings of color content, but also seem to influence system IQ significantly. You won’t find better IQ at 16 mp anywhere else. It all starts with the non-Bayer color matrix. Adobe now understands how to decode it more accurately. But, version 6 of Lightroom adds no new lens correction profiles, only better matrix decoding algorithms. Don’t matter really, now all the bases are covered.


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