Bill fortney, mt Rainier, Reflection Lake

What is a Fuji Workshop?

bill fortney, stream in mt rainier national parkJack and I just completed the first of several planned Fuji Workshops, and I get a number of questions about just exactly what is a Fuji Workshop?  Let’s take a trip down memory lane.  In the days of film, seems like yesterday but it is going on 15 years now, the most common kind of camera was the Single Lens Reflex (SLR).  Yes, of course, there were rangefinders and view cameras, but the vast majority of us were SLR shooters.  Later the SLR became the Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) and it had many advantages, mostly a clean, clear view of the world, through the lens.  With film this was just great since the final image didn’t look anything like what you saw through the cameras viewfinder anyway.  You see, when digital cameras came along images were “processed” in the camera.  Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras “still” only show you what the lens sees when viewing through the viewfinder, not what the processed image will look like.  Mirror-less cameras process the image according to “your” desires, and let you actually see that processed image through the viewfinder.

bill fortney mt rainierThe point of a Fuji Workshop is to teach students how to take this wonderful new technology and use it to make better photographs.  We teach the students how to use the “What You See Is What You Get” viewfinder to get correct exposure by simply dialing it in with the exposure compensation dial!  We also teach how to use the film simulation feature to get a great variety of options every time you push the shutter release.  We find all the ways that the mirror-less revolution has made image making easier and better.

The Fuji X-System is a great combination of full featured, retro controlled bodies, and stellar lenses of virtually all focal lengths and speed ranges!  Long glass and macro lenses are on the way and then the system will be pretty complete!

bill fortney, sunset at mt rainierThe bottom line is pretty simple, very capable photographers with years of experience, including Jack and I, are using the Fuji System to make some of the best images of our lives.  We’ve worked hard to find all the ways to make the most of this incredible system.

I’ve included some images from this Mt. Rainier Fuji Workshop … enjoy!

reflection lake at mt rainier by bill fortney

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