The FUJI “X”SYSTEM the video !


As FUJI “X” Photographers, Jack Graham & Bill Fortney , we are constantly asked “Whats coming”, “What do you guys hear from Fuji”. Well this video (CLICK HERE to WATCH) can answer lots of your questions. It also will give you an look into the quality of the products and how Fuji really cares and listens to its customers as well as potential customers. It’s all about the image. The results are in and there is NO disputing that the Fuji system makes things easy and fun. But most of all it allows us to be photographers and artist first and technicians and menu readers second. Check out this video by our friend Justin Stailey from Fuji.

Pictured above (L to R) Justin Stailey (Fuji) Bill Fortney, Jack Graham, Geoff Hinze (Fuji West Coast Sales, Luis Navarro (Fuji Tech Rep, west Coast). Image from Fuji “X” Photo workshop at Mt Rainier 2015.

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