Survey Please! Production X-t2…Images…..more


img_main01Well I finally received my production model of the Fujifilm X-T2. I could totally post my review but it wouldn’t be much different from some of the the reviews with high praise found all over these days. Plus I need to get packed and ready for my next 4 and final photography workshops of 2016.I’m off to Acadia NP, The Smoky’s , Zion NP then to Whidbey Island over the next 4 weeks+ easy to enjoy making some new images! My quick review is—get your hands on this camera–you probably won’t let go!

Suffice it to say, This camera is 1) a worthy improvement over the XT-1. HERE is a good article outlining many of the improvements ( he left out one of the main differences–the X-T2 has a totally new processor and is drastically improved over the X-T1 )  and 2) the XT-2 is truly a  worthy part of the amazing lineup of cutting edge cameras from the FUJIFILM Company.

Please see some of the images below made over the past 3-4 months with the X-T2 Prototype I’ve been testing for Fuji–I really put it through its paces)


Also, Fuji has asked some of us to ask you all to take a minute and complete the survey below. FOr you existing Fuji owners, one of the most amazing things about Fujifilm is how they listen to their customers. In addition other manufactures would have brought out new cameras rather than update their products with firmware upgrades. Please take a minute and thank Fuji by filling out their survey. it will also go a long way to help them brung us new product down the road. Please click on this link to get you to the survey. Thank you.:


The image below  is from a geothermal area in northern Iceland–it was very bright this day . I used a high ISO and fast shutter speed, along with putting the Shutter into the electronic Mode. Check out the meta data. Check out how it froze the mud splatter…. and best of all there was virtually NO NOISE in this image.!

FUJIFILM X-T2 /    LENS; 18-135mm @ 104.2mm    FOCAL LENGTH  156mm (in 35mm film)
ISO: 12800    1/20000 sec, f/8
Mode: Av  Metering: Multi-segment     White balance: Auto


I am not a bird photographer, though when they are available, I do enjoy photographing them. I put the X-T2 through its paces  photographing some Navy jets doing touch and goes out on Whidbey Island. This image was made with the X-T2, the Fujinon 100-400MM lens along with the TACK SHARP 2X Converter.. The tracking was set on wife and the focus to continuous. I was AMAZE that the camera tracked this plane with NO PROBLEM . This is NOT a cropped image ( was shot on a tripod)…..I have NOT PROCESSED this file either (thats why there are still shadows etc)

FUJIFILM X-T2 / LENS: 100-400mm @ 323.2mm  485mm (in 35mm film)
ISO 1000     1/4000 sec, f/5.4  Mode: Av  Metering: Multi-segment Exp comp: -1/3

_jgp1694-edit-edit-edit-2Very sharp and noise free!

Below are a few others that show off the X-T2  with lots of detail—-


(above) 8 vertical images to for the Panorama


we had incredible aurora in Iceland last month!


(Above) Purple hue in the aurora is amazing to see and occurs during theShimmering Colors of the
strongest moments of the display. It comes and goes quickly often in less than twenty seconds. Actually its  often easier to see it with naked eye than with a camera.



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