Postcards from Acadia National Park

Images and text ©Jack Graham

_jgx0045-editTo sum up our past 3 days here in Acadia National Park, Maine…all I can say is WOW!  First the fall color—about the best I have seen in many, many years. Living in the western part of America, I sure do miss the reds that appear when the fall leaves turn color in the East.

The weather has been great too…lots of rain, but at night, with great light during the day.

My workshop co-leader and dear friend Bill Fortney and I have had the pleasure of having another great group of Fuji “X” camera photographers here learning and making some great images as well. What a day…. what a workshop…WHAT A LIFE!! (Check out Bills’ site as well for more images!—click HERE.)

Bill and I have been shooting out new Fujifilm X-T2…production model—what a dream camera!!!!!!!! (More on how great this camera is coming soon!)….

_jgx0235-2I am really hooked on the Fujifilm 90mm F2 lens for close in images. It is maybe the sharpest lens I have ever used. I love the backgrounds that this lens (being a F2) offers.

Below are a few images from this week…. on to the Smoky Mountains on Monday for the Photo Summit then to Zion NP.  Maine to Utah in 3 weeks—how great is that!!!  Jack Graham








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