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jack graham giving workshop lessonWe see with our inner emotion as well as our eyes. When we use both we have the potential to make a powerful image.

Every image should tell a story and convey emotion. In the field we stress slowing down, defining the subject and deciding how to tell the story using your camera, and equally important, your eyes and inner vision.

We will work on learning to see images that often get overlooked or passed by. We will use the environment to aid us in creating artistic imagery. We will discuss the need for foregrounds, leading lines and/or patterns and how to handle these in different ways. We will stress simplicity and use all aspects, including depth of field, proper exposure, filter usage and more to improve your overall photography.

All of this will help you become a better “thinking” photographer, while at the same time making it possible to return home with some wonderful images you took in unforgettable locations.


  1. Improve your technical and visionary photographic skills within these “hands-on” workshops
  2. Develop your skills in finding, seeing and then creating your image
  3. Work the scene and area, not just making a photograph and moving to the next possible location
  4. Improve composition, exposure and other essential elements needed to make a great photograph and to bring out the story within the image
  5. Employ other techniques including when or not to use strong tonalities, negative space, balance, framing,
  6. Bring out your personal vision and eliminate any flaws that will negatively affect your images
  7. Choose the right focal length (lens) to convey your story
  8. Think about how you want your image to look while in the field, not after the fact
  9. Make panoramas and long exposures and how to use focus stacking (HDR) effectively
  10. Use basic processing, workflow, and how to use available programs such as Adobe as well as other software (NIK software etc.)


jack graham workshop attendeeThe majority of instruction and nature photography tips and techniques will take place right there in the field. There’s no need to take notes – a 70+ workshop syllabus will be provided.

We make time to review our images as well as have some informative photographic presentations during our time together. We do this all in an informal classroom setting.

Evenings consist of informal sessions to discuss information on photographing in the area, critique of your work shot during the workshop and general photography information.

As with all our workshops, this is primarily a field workshop. We do not sit in a classroom during the daytime. We are out shooting and learning about photography in the field, not behind a desk. However, it is critical as well as being very informative, to take time to review your work and discuss important aspects of making quality photographs.


A complete itinerary will be sent out to all registered attendees prior to the workshop. We’ll meet late in the afternoon the day prior to the start of the workshop. We’ll go over our goals, itineraries and other information necessary to make the workshop a success.


  1. Extra camera body if you have one
  2. Lenses ranging from 24-200mm (if you have a wider lens and a macro, bring it.)
  3. Tripod
  4. Polarizing Filter
  5. Graduated Neutral Density Filters. A 2 and a 3 stop “soft” Galen Rowell graduated filters (in X-Pro Size) by Singh Ray (If you order from them tell them you are doing my workshop and they will give you a 10% discount!)
  6. Back up Batteries & Chargers
  7. Lens shades & Cable release
  8. Non Abrasive cloth
  9. Clothing: Be prepared to keep the sun off your head. Be sure to bring proper outerwear for the weather/temperature. Good hiking boots are also helpful, though any hiking will be very moderate at most; most of the areas we go to are very close to the roads.


Lots of information regarding weather, what to expect and what to bring along will go out about 3 weeks before the workshop starts to all who have registered. Workshop balances are due 7 days prior to the start of each event …. Thank you!

jack graham and bill fortney photo workshop


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