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Survey Please! Production X-t2…Images…..more


img_main01Well I finally received my production model of the Fujifilm X-T2. I could totally post my review but it wouldn’t be much different from some of the the reviews with high praise found all over these days. Plus I need to get packed and ready for my next 4 and final photography workshops of 2016.I’m off to Acadia NP, The Smoky’s , Zion NP then to Whidbey Island over the next 4 weeks+ easy to enjoy making some new images! My quick review is—get your hands on this camera–you probably won’t let go! Continue reading Survey Please! Production X-t2…Images…..more


Images and Text ©Jack Graham, all rights reserved

The lone anticipated FUJIFILM X-T2 has just been announced. I have been fortunate to have been one of the “Chosen” Fuji “X” photographers to have a pre-production model of this new among camera for about quite a while. Impressive is certainly not enough to label this camera. It’s been one of the hardest things not to be able to talk at length about the new FUJIFILM X-T2 but finally, the time has come! Continue reading FUJIFILM X-T2—-FIRST IMPRESSIONS

Fuji XT-1 firmware upgrade coming late June 2015

One of the reasons I love the Fuji system and the company is that they listen to their users. I bet some of you already know there is a major firmware update coming in late June. You can read about it HERE


The major areas they’re addressing are:


  • AF TRACKING SYSTEM – You birder and wildlife shooters will love this!
  • AF ACCURACY – Smaller areas for more accurate focus, phase detection speed improvement for fast focusing in low light.
  • EYE DETECTION – Now detects and focus on the human eye even in difficult conditions.
  • NO MORE AUTO MACRO MODE – It’s now automatic! You can reassign the Macro Button to something else!


Palouse, Washington; X-T1 Nikon 300 f4 by jack graham
Palouse, Washington; X-T1 Nikon 300 f4


A few other things will improve as well – read the article above from Fuji’s website for more details.


Folks … A lot of other camera manufacturers would be bringing out a new camera with these updates (the last firmware update as well) and call it something else or put a letter after the model number. Not Fuji. THEY LISTEN!