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For about 2 years now Bill Fortney and Jack Graham have been conducting workshops together dedicated to ONLY users of the Fujifilm “X” System. These have been extremely successful.

We have talked about taking the next step and making these workshops into a larger group event, with a different perspective on how the Fuji “System works for us and how it’s benefited our image making.

We put together a plan (and received the blessing from the great folks at the Fujifilm Corporation) to schedule 2 such Photography Summits, one in the spring 2017 and one in the fall of 2017. Continue reading MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: FUJIFILM “X” PHOTOGRAPHERS TRAVEL and NATURE SUMMITS 2017

Postcards from Acadia National Park

Images and text ©Jack Graham

_jgx0045-editTo sum up our past 3 days here in Acadia National Park, Maine…all I can say is WOW!  First the fall color—about the best I have seen in many, many years. Living in the western part of America, I sure do miss the reds that appear when the fall leaves turn color in the East.

The weather has been great too…lots of rain, but at night, with great light during the day.

My workshop co-leader and dear friend Bill Fortney and I have had the pleasure of having another great group of Fuji “X” camera photographers here learning and making some great images as well. What a day…. what a workshop…WHAT A LIFE!! (Check out Bills’ site as well for more images!—click HERE.) Continue reading Postcards from Acadia National Park

Survey Please! Production X-t2…Images…..more


img_main01Well I finally received my production model of the Fujifilm X-T2. I could totally post my review but it wouldn’t be much different from some of the the reviews with high praise found all over these days. Plus I need to get packed and ready for my next 4 and final photography workshops of 2016.I’m off to Acadia NP, The Smoky’s , Zion NP then to Whidbey Island over the next 4 weeks+ easy to enjoy making some new images! My quick review is—get your hands on this camera–you probably won’t let go! Continue reading Survey Please! Production X-t2…Images…..more

Sorting out the lens maze…….

Fuji has offered a bewildering choice of both single focal length and zoom lenses!  How do you decide which you need???!!!

May I offer some thoughts?  I happen to own almost all of them and you might be wondering, along with my wife, why? Actually there is good reason to own a few of each.

If you are a nature, landscape or outdoor shooter the three lens package of the 10-24, 16-55, and 50-140 will cover all the bases, and adding the 60mm Micro doesn’t add much weight and really completes the package!  Want to save a little money, OK. Try the 10-24, 18-55, and the 55-200, plus the 60 Micro, and you have saved weight and money, and these are all still superb lenses!

camera bag set up

Really want to save weight for a travel system?  How about the very versatile and tack sharp 18-135, teamed up with the very sharp and wonderfully compact 14mm f2.8!

OK. We have some zoom ideas but how about the single focal length lenses!  If you want the very best optical performance and the fastest lenses for available light work the f1.4 and f1.2 lenses really rule.  In the pre zoom days every photojournalist, (Kings of low light), had a 24mm, a 35mm, a 50mm, and a 85mm plus a 180mm all at fast speeds!!!  In the Fuji system you can have all these (except the 180mm) at f1.4 to f1.2!!!!!!!  The 90mm f 2, which should be available this spring or summer, gets you close with an “effective” 135mm @ f2!  The other big advantage to speed lenses is the great shallow depth of field effects that are possible.

A word about the two newest lenses that I’ve been able to pick up and shoot, the new 16-55 f2.8 and the 50-140 f2.8.  Both are among the sharpest lenses of those focal lengths I’ve ever shot!!!!!  The OIS in the 50-140 is so effective that even an old codger like me can get tack sharp images at 140mm (200mm equiv.) at 1/8th of a second – it’s truly amazing!

Which are my favorites????  Not a fair question!  I truly love them all!  The 10-24, the 16-55 and the 50-140 get the most use, but the 56 f1.2, and the 23 f1.4 are two of my favorites. But then the 16 f1.4 is getting rave reviews – I really want to try it out!   The promised 120 mm Micro is already on my wish list big time, and of course the 90 mm f2 … geeez … this is a disease, but a fun one!!!



Lenses: New & Old

CURRENT FUJI ROADMAP: Unlike lots of their competitors, Fuji has been really good about telling us when new lenses are coming down the road. Fuji calls it their “Roadmap.” You can access the current Roadmap HERE

TEST FUJI LENSES: This is a really cool site. You can easily test the range of lenses and see how different lenses and aperture values affect the image. It’s quite an informative area. Click HERE for the site.

Fujinon-XF16_55mm-F2.816-55 f2.8 R LM WR I have been shooting with the new 16-55 2.8 now for a few weeks and am completely satisfied with this lens. This is the new version of the 18-55 2.8-4.0 “kit” lens (maybe the sharpest kit lens ever!). Why did I need this lens? A) It’s sharper B) It’s a 2.8. C) I know it’s going to hold up to the beating it’ll get in Iceland and Norway in the winter.

Will I sell the 18-55 2.8-4.0?  Definitely no. It’s a great walk-around every day lens. It’s lighter and is just fine for everyday use.

But… if you are looking for ultra-sharp, weather resistant make the investment.

Below are some images—JG


Canyonlands NP, Utah; X-T1 by jack graham
Canyonlands NP, Utah; X-T1 16-55


Mesa Arch, Canyonlands NP, Utah; X-T1 by jack graham
Mesa Arch, Canyonlands NP, Utah; X-T1 16-55


All images made with the Fujinon 16-55mm, F2.8