Dead Horse Point, Utah ©Jack Graham


Fuji “X” Photo Workshops is Off and Running

jack graham and bill fortneyWelcome to our Fujifilm “X” website! The purpose of this site is not only to showcase past and upcoming photography workshops, but to also serve as a source for information, tips, techniques and just about anything when it comes to the Fuji “X” photographic system and its use in general photography.

Quite by coincidence, we both became Fuji shooters a few years ago. Neither one of us were aware at the time that we had converted to using Fuji cameras.  Imagine our surprise! What both of us enjoyed was the return to being more “photographers” than tech geeks. Thankfully, the Fuji system allows for that.

We will regularly update this site with information, images and more. We’ll be adding more content such as workshop attendee images, helpful tips and Fuji news. We encourage your input on ideas and suggestions.

The content of this site is solely ours and is independent of the Fujifilm Corporation. We are both fairly objective folks and our hope is this will come through in the website.  One of the things both of us convey to our workshop attendees, blog and website readers and fellow photographic friends is that the equipment does not make the image … you do.

Please follow us via RSS as well as on our Fuji “X” Photo Workshops Facebook page.

Thank you!

~Jack Graham & Bill Fortney

4 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Way to Jack and Bill, looking forward to visiting this site often. The picture up top looks a lot like something I saw outside Moab. Makes me think of Milt’s, so I think I will go get a milkshake.

    Best Wishes


  2. You are both such an inspiration … these workshops should be a big hit. I was out this morning in the California desert with a couple of X-T1’s and the 10-24 and 50-140 shooting old rusting cadillacs. This guy has 23 acres and 3,000 cadillacs used as parts cars!


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