Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina & Tennesee;  April 14-17, 2016

Olympic National Park, Washington;  May 13-15, 2016

Acadia National Park, Maine;  Oct. 20-23, 2016

April 14-17, 2016  |  $995

Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina & Tennessee

Smokies stream, Tennessee; X-T1 by bill fortney
Smokies stream, Tennessee; X-T1 18-135

There is almost no place like the Great Smokies in Spring, profuse with wildflowers, full streams of clear rushing water, and those delicate multi ranges of green in the mountains! Opportunities for water photography, landscape both intimate and the grand landscape abound. This is Bill’s home park!

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May 13-15, 2016  |  $995

Olympic National Park, Washington

by Jack graham - olympic peninsulaThe Olympic National Park is without a doubt most diverse when it comes to weather, topography and photographic opportunities. The park itself encompasses the majority of the Olympic Peninsula. Some mountaintops reach 7,965’ while the western coast of the Pacific is just a short distance away. This western side of peninsula is the wettest climate in the continental U.S. receiving over 160” of rain yearly. The northeastern side, just a quick drive away, receives a mere 12” of rain yearly. This area is commonly known as the “Banana Belt”.

Olympic NP rain forest
Olympic NP rain forest

We will visit the sub-alpine forests, wildflower meadows and temperate rain forests along with the rugged seacoasts of the peninsula and the park.

On the western side of Olympic National Park resides the only temperate rainforest in the Northern Hemisphere. The moss-draped pines, hemlocks and spruces of the Hoh Rain Forest provide breathtaking images.

jack graham

Beach access is a short hike from our cars and provides photographic opportunities of the sea stacks, tide pools and rocky shorelines that are common here on the Washington Coast.


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October 20-23, 2016  |  $995

Acadia National Park, Maine


Floats; Acadia NP, Maine
Floats; Acadia NP, Maine

Acadia is located on Mount Desert Island along the coast of Maine. The name “Acadia” originates from a name given to the area by the explorer, Giovanni Verrazano, when he sailed by in 1524. The shoreline reminded him of an area in Greece named Arcadia. This area is called “down east” by the locals.

October offers us a great opportunity to photograph Acadia after the summer crowds are gone. This is also a colorful time of year to be in Acadia NP.

Cadillac Mountain;Acadia NP, Maine; X-T1 10-24 by bill fortney
Cadillac Mountain; Acadia NP, Maine; X-T1 10-24

We will explore areas such as Bass Head Lighthouse, Jordon Pond, parts of the Acadia Loop Road as well as the famous Cadillac Mountain. Photo opportunities in the quaint fishing villages are also on our list. These villages are quiet this time of year but are still working fishing areas. Lobster boats are everywhere as well as colorful fishing related subjects. The dense forests offer a background to some of the most beautiful coastline anywhere. October turns the forest floor yellow with a carpet of cinnamon ferns.

If we are lucky enough to get some fog, we’ll make use of the soft muted light on the cliffs and hillsides in combination with the fall color found in Acadia NP.

We can guarantee you’ll enjoy the information, presentations and interaction during our time together.


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